Welcome to 2nd Grade!


Important Dates to Remember in 2nd Grade!

October 6, 2016: 1st Reconciliation Parent Meeting @ 7 in the Church Hall  

December 6, 2016: 1st Reconciliation @ 6:30 in the Church

March 9, 2017: 1st Communion Parent Meeting @ 7 in the Church Hall

May 7, 2017: 1st Communion @ 10:30 Mass


*Fridays are normally no homework days!

Religion: During 1st Reconciliation and 1st Communion, books will be sent home each Wednesday to review the chapter and topics discussed that week. Books and a signed slip are expected to be returned by that Friday. 

Reading, Language & Spelling: Reading, Language & Spelling Homework will be sent home in a packet. It does not all have to be done in one night, but should be returned on Friday or Thursday, depending if there is school on Friday.

This is what I would suggest for the packet:

Monday- Spelling Sheet with the Spelling List

Tuesday- High Frequency Word Page

Wednesday- Comprehension Story & Questions

Thursday- Language/ Conventions Page

Friday- RETURN. Tests are typically today! 

Math: Homework is usually a fact sheet and written sheet consisting of all topics being studied. Math homework is sent home almost every day. 

Additional Work: Any work that was expected to be completed in class, but was not finished, may be sent home for students to complete as homework in addition to their normal homework.

Spelling & Vocabulary Words:

Theme: How are traditions and celebrations important in our lives? 

Just Like Josh Gibson -Unit 6 Week 1

Red, White & Blue-Unit 6 Week 2

Birthday Basket for Tia-Unit 6 Week 3

Cowboys– Unit 6 Week 4

Grace for President-Unit 6 Week 5



Spelling City



AR Book Find: Find the level of a book

Remind: Ask Mrs. Aarons for the code if needed

Class Dojo: Ask Mrs. Aarons for code if needed

IXL Math

Reading Street Portaportal