I so love teaching middle school, and I am ready for this great school year.  This year promises to hold learning opportunities, laughter, struggles and triumphs.  Please don’t hesitate to contact my either by phone at ext. 303 or  email  – sleonard@stmarysbi.com

Welcome to a new student to my classroom! His name is Lloyd and is taking it all in right now.  Please stop in and say hello if you have a chance!


Welcome Lloyd!



What’s Happening In Social Studies: 

6th Grade Social Studies will have BRAND NEW, ALL DIGITAL textbooks. This year, we will study Minnesota History which makes our state the GREATEST in the nation (not that we are biased!). Your Northern Lights textbook will be loaded onto your iPad and will be the tool you will use to explore this great year in social studies.  The text is created by the Minnesota Historical Society and is the best they have to offer!

7th Grade Social Studies is all about American History – We begin with the explorers and their search for gold, God and new lands for country and speed all the way to the Civil War. Our textbooks are all digital and the best thing is most of our work is done with projects and group work and many opportunities to work together to tackle history.  I love this part of history and I think that you will too.

In 8th grade, we study the world and geography. We will increase our world view and awareness of other regions of the world.  We also have new textbooks in geography and these are also ALL DIGITAL!  Students will have access to their textbook anywhere they have internet access and will be able to do their work online.  We study geography by continent and then by the different themes of geography.

Technology Uses in the Classroom:

In 6,7, and 8th grade we are testing out the Remind 101 app, which allows me to send text messages to you, while keeping my number and your number private.  For instructions on how to sign up for these messages, please email Mrs. Leonard!


Syllabus For Each Class :

Click here for 8th Gradeexpectations

Click here for 7thgradeexpectations

Click here for 6thGrade expectations


8th Grade Students –  Graduation – May 24, 7 pm