Welcome to the first weeks of St. Mary’s PE/Health News Page…

Parents, I will be sending home a teamwork contract with your student(s) the first week of school. Please read and sign.   Students in grades 2-8 will need to sign the contract.  Under 2nd grade, please sign for them if they are unable.

Please encourage your child to be prepared for PE.  The students will all need good gym shoes: laced (k-1 can have Velcro), no slip ons.  Students in 5th grade must have a shirt to change and students 6-8th grade must bring gym clothes (no over-sized or undersized clothes please).  Also, grades 4-8 need to bring personal hygiene needs: comb, brush, deodorant, shower supplies (if needed) etc.

Grades K-5 will have PE class on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and Health class on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Activities will take place for health class in the gym at times to keep the learning moving.  The students will keep active.

Grades 6-8 there will be Physical Education the first three weeks of school and then three weeks of health.  We will keep the three week rotation throughout the year.

I look forward to having fun filled physical education and health classes….  Let the games begin….

Jan Burley