Welcome to St. Mary’s PE/Health News Page…

Week 1 PE

Kindergartners – 2nd graders:  Locomotor skills: Hopping and Jumping

3rd-8th graders: Soccer (7th & 8th graders- homework to watch the video link I email them on the laws of soccer. Write 1 fact they learned about each law and email or turn into me by Friday)


Kindergartners-2nd graders will be working on basic skills and strategies of exercise and movement in PE.

3rd-6th graders will be introduced to different sports, skills, and strategies throughout the school year in PE.

7th-8th graders will be receiving an education on the rules to many sports, skills, techniques, and strategies.

All grades will be completing athletic testing and goal setting.  It is a great way for the students to see where they are individually in an athletic sense and then set some goals to better themselves.  It will be so fun for your children to set reasonable goals and observe the excitement when they reach them. The athletic testing is 20 meter dash, pushups, crunches, and sit and reach.  This may be difficult for the younger students to set goals, but I will help them.

Week 1 Health

Kindergartners: Do not have health due to Mass this week

1st-2nd graders: We are unique in God’s eyes

3rd grade: Building good health

4th grade: Getting to know ourselves

5th/6th graders: Health inside and out

7th/8th graders: Health & the whole person

The health curriculum is christian based so we will be involving God in our discussions.  Our spirituality is a large part of what makes us a healthy being.  Along with spirituality we will discuss physical health, mental health and social health.