Dates to Remember:

Graduation, May 24th 7:00pm -Praise Team will be singing, meeting at 6:20pm

All of these events are graded. If your child is sick or cannot make the event (with prior notification) he/she will be excused from the performance.

May 22-26

Students will be learning the song, “Our Old Sow” at the beginning of the week. We will start by learning the pitches using solfege and analyzing some rhythms that appear in the song (sixteenth notes). We will add the words to the songs and play a game while we sing! Students will stand in long rows as the “corn” while a “farmer” is chasing the “pig,” On my signal, the corn rows turn 90-degrees and the chase continues until the farmer has caught the pig.

We will be learning a songtale of a story that is very similar to Sleeping Beauty. Students will learn the simple melody to this song and act it out using scarves to represent different characters or objects in the song.

At the end of the week, the students will learn the song, “My Gecko has an Echo.” We will play an echo game and start by using solfege to learn the pitches and rhythms found in the song. Students will also be invited to present a rhythm in which the class must echo.

Children’s Choir is singing at the last school Mass on Friday. The 1st and 7th grade students are planning the Mass.

Praise Team is preparing for Graduation on Wednesday evening (5/24) at 7:00pm Students need to be at church ready to sing at 6:20pm.

4th graders will finish the recorder unit on Monday and certificates will be handed out in recognition of how far they were able to progress in earning the Recorder Karate belts.

5th graders will be completing the Handbell unit.