Dates to Remember:

8th grade Graduation- Wednesday, May 23rd at 7:00pm in the church. Praise Team will meet at 6:15pm.

May 14 – May 18

Kindergarten and 5th grade are leading mass this week! (Kindergarten Graduation)

Mass is at 10:30 this week.

Students will start the week by learning the song, “My Guitar.” We will be learning some new vocabulary and learning some different conducting patterns. We will also be making Guitars out of Kleenex Boxes to take home.

On Tuesday, we will be taking a look at the sing “Remember Me” from the movie Coco. We are going to be discussing the history and culture presented in this movie as well as learning some vocabulary and listening to the different arrangements of the song within the movie. The students will discuss which arrangement they like the best and why.

We will be learning about the choral conductor, Francisco Nunez, and about the career of being a conductor/director. The students will be reading about him, watching an interview and reviewing our conducting patterns.

On Thursday, the students will learn an English Skelton Dance, “The Lass O’Dallowgill.” We will learn about the history of this dance and accompany each other on xylophones. We will also read the story, “The Greatest Mariachi in the World.”

6th grade guitarists will be finishing with our single strings notes and moving into some more complex chords! The students will also be picking out their own song to learn independently.

Praise Team is continuing to work on songs for Graduation on May 23rd.


We have recently started our Recorder Unit in Music Class. I use a curriculum called Recorder Karate and each time a student masters a song, he or she will have earned a belt for that song.

Usually, I would listen to students in class to assess, but since this is a larger class I would like to try a different form of assessment in order to be better utilize my time in the classroom with the students.  I have created a Google Voice account with the phone #320-365-1105. When a student feels ready to test for a belt he or she will call this number and leave a voicemail:

“Hello, Mrs Strandberg. This is (student name) testing on (song name).” The student then proceeds to play the song he or she wishes to test on that day.

Here are some play-along tracks for the students to practice with on their Recorder Karate songs!

If the above links are not working, this video may help the students practice as well.