Dates to Remember:

Spring Concert– Thursday, March 28th at 7:00pm in the school gym

1st Communion– Sunday, May 5th at 10:30am Mass in Bird Island

Graduation- Wednesday, May 22nd at 7:00pm in the St. Marys Church

Spring Concert Resources

Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride (all students) (with lyrics) (without lyrics)

We Know the Way (Praise Team) (with lyrics) (without lyrics)

Aloha Oe (all students) (with lyrics)

El Coqui (Children’s Choir)

Banana! (Children’s Choir)

Tingalayo (Kindergarten/1st grade)


(2nd/3rd grade)

March 18th-22nd

6th grade is leading mass this week with the 3rd graders!

Students will be learning a variety of different things this week amidst rehearsing for our upcoming spring concert on March 28th. We are working hard on perfecting our pronunciation of our Hawaiian, Spanish and Polynesian lyrics, dance movements, and instrument rhythms.

We will also be learning about the Broadway musical production of “Frozen.” The students will be reading an article about one of the performers who plays “Pabbie,” one of the stone trolls and we will be watching an interview with him. We will also be learning about the song, “Love is an Open Door” and watching a clip of the Broadway performance, as well as some of the behind the scenes action.

We will also be learning more about the country when this story takes place, Sweden. We are going to be learning the piece, “Fjaskern,” which the students will learn a folk dance to accompany. We will also use this song to practice some rhythms using quarter notes, paired eighth notes, half notes and quarter rests.

7th/8th grade non-band students will be working on their “Island Rondo” piece for the Spring Concert.


We have recently started our Recorder Unit in Music Class. I use a curriculum called Recorder Karate and each time a student masters a song, he or she will have earned a belt for that song.

Usually, I would listen to students in class to assess, but since this is a larger class I would like to try a different form of assessment in order to be better utilize my time in the classroom with the students.  I have created a Google Voice account with the phone #320-365-1105. When a student feels ready to test for a belt he or she will call this number and leave a voicemail:

“Hello, Mrs Strandberg. This is (student name) testing on (song name).” The student then proceeds to play the song he or she wishes to test on that day.

Here are some play-along tracks for the students to practice with on their Recorder Karate songs!

If the above links are not working, this video may help the students practice as well.