Dates to Remember:

Christmas Concert- Monday, December 18th at 7:00pm in the church

Catholic Schools Week– January 18th-February 3rd

Spring Concert-Monday, March 26th at 7:00pm in the school gym

8th grade Graduation– Wednesday, May 23rd at 7:00pm in the church

This is the Christmas Musical we are performing this year, this video can help students practice! There is also a word document located below so that students know which verses or songs they are responsible to leanr for the program.




Download (DOCX, 110KB)

December 11th-December 15th

6th grade is leading mass this week on Thursday!

The students are busy putting the finishing touches on the Christmas Concert and we will be practicing in the church several times. Our dress rehearsal is on Friday, December 15th at 1:00pm.

The students will be learning the song, “Let it Snow!” This song will help us review the concept of swinging eighth notes and explore the value of dotted notes as well. We will be learning a dance to these songs and either completing a music journal or drawing a picture of different activities that the students like to do in the snow.

The students will be learning a traditional Israeli song, “Zemer Atik.” We will be reading an article, learning a traditional dance, exploring Israeli culture. This song will also allow us to explore the concept of a musical ostinato (or a repeating pattern). The students will be identifying ostinatos in the song as well as creating their own.

4th graders are continuing to work on their yellow and orange belts. On Monday, we will be working in small groups to compose a song using the B-A-G notes they know on the recorder. The students will be sharing these with the class.

The younger students will be learning some Christmas Songs using the Boomwhackers this week as well as the “Imperial March” from Star Wars. We will also be playing an interactive game called, “Staff Wars” to review our note identification.

Students in grades 2nd-8th will have a special guest visit on Friday! Mark Haen, a local musician and artist, will be coming and talking to the students on Friday.

From Mark: “The topic of this talk is “ be curious about art and music, it will change your life.” We’re going to be talking about how to increase your desire to achieve goals. The goals were talking about today course would be about music. Also going to run over rhythms and how they work with practice…creating music, and turning mistakes into songs will also be one of the things I’ll try to talk about.”


We have recently started our Recorder Unit in Music Class. I use a curriculum called Recorder Karate and each time a student masters a song, he or she will have earned a belt for that song.

Usually, I would listen to students in class to assess, but since this is a larger class I would like to try a different form of assessment in order to be better utilize my time in the classroom with the students.  I have created a Google Voice account with the phone #320-365-1105. When a student feels ready to test for a belt he or she will call this number and leave a voicemail:

“Hello, Mrs Strandberg. This is (student name) testing on (song name).” The student then proceeds to play the song he or she wishes to test on that day.

Here are some play-along tracks for the students to practice with on their Recorder Karate songs!

If the above links are not working, this video may help the students practice as well.