Dates to Remember:

4th graders will be playing recorder during the elementary band concert on May 11th at 1:00pm

8th grade Graduation– Wednesday, May 23rd at 7:00pm in the church

April 16- April 20

6th grade is leading mass this week!

Kindergarten through 2nd grade will be completing a project in conclusion to our unit on “Dear Evan Hansen.” The student will be creating posters that are encouraging to others and show empathy. #youwillbefound

The rest of the week we will be learning about Greece and the culture of this country. We will be reading an article, learning the song, “Tsakonikos,” a dance to accompany the song and about Greek Mythology. We will also be watching a little video to learn more about the geography of Greece and the people who live there. We will be using the song, “Tsakonikos” as a platform to introduce irregular meter in songs.

3rd and 4th grade will be finishing our “School of Rock” Unit by creating a poster of their band with other students. Students will need to work together to decide which role everyone will have in the band.

3dr graders will also learn about the musical, “Dear Evan Hansen” this week. We will be learning some new vocabulary, focusing on the term empathy. We will learn what the musical is about and watch some performances online. When learning the song. “You Will Be Found” we will be reviewing our music signs and symbols while we figure out our musical map. We will conclude this unit by creating encouraging posters with #youwillbefound.

On Friday, the 3rd grade will be learning a folksong from Brazil, “My Little Boat.” We will be reviewing some rhythmic patterns, learning the melody with solfege and will be playing a circle game with the song.

Students you have been working on their Rock ‘n Roll research projects will be finishing up this week and presenting their project to the class.

6th grade guitar students will be preparing for a playing test on a song combining the 1st and 2nd strings..


We have recently started our Recorder Unit in Music Class. I use a curriculum called Recorder Karate and each time a student masters a song, he or she will have earned a belt for that song.

Usually, I would listen to students in class to assess, but since this is a larger class I would like to try a different form of assessment in order to be better utilize my time in the classroom with the students.  I have created a Google Voice account with the phone #320-365-1105. When a student feels ready to test for a belt he or she will call this number and leave a voicemail:

“Hello, Mrs Strandberg. This is (student name) testing on (song name).” The student then proceeds to play the song he or she wishes to test on that day.

Here are some play-along tracks for the students to practice with on their Recorder Karate songs!

If the above links are not working, this video may help the students practice as well.