I am a bit behind on my February lesson information.  Many of the classes have already met with me.  Kindergarten through 2nd grade had a lesson on feelings.  We read a really cool pop-up book, ‘The Color Monster’, to talk about different feelings we have and ways to put our feelings into words.  Thinking of feelings as colors helps us also easier recognize what we might be feeling.  Each grade completed a worksheet highlighting the three feeling they feel the most.

Third through 8th grade talked about communication, specifically non-verbal communication and how important it is for the message we are sending people.  I challenged them all to do some people watching and pay attention to the non-verbals that are being displayed.  Part of this lesson was also to recognize that each person may see or interpret messages differently.  They all did a great job acting out some situations to display either barriers or bridges to communication based on the non-verbal message the receiver is giving.


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