October is National Bully Awareness Month.

I will be discussing with each grade what the definition of bullying is and what we can do if it is happening.  It is important to remind students that we are all different and unique.  This is the way God created us and we should appreciate our differences and not pick on other because of it.  I will be encouraging and focusing on leadership and creating an atmosphere here at school that is positive leaving no room for bully-type behavior.  We have a great example of leadership every day as we study our Leader, Jesus Christ.

Wear Orange October 25th!!!!

Please join us in Celebrate Unity Day to show we, at St. Mary’s School, are together against bullying and united for Kindness, Acceptance, and Inclusion. Wear Orange October 25th!!!!

If you or your child have concerns, or have shared concerns, about bully-type behavior occurring to them or a friend, please feel free to contact me so we can work together on creating a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable learning environment.