September Update:

We are going to kick off the school year talking about Choices!  We all have choices to make every day!  Even though, kids sometimes say ‘I don’t have a choice’, they really do.  They just might not like the options (like take out the garbage or load the dishwasher). This lesson is focused on helping them understand that we make choices all day long and whether or not those are positive, is up to us.  One choice leads to another, and another.

As we start the school year, they all have to choice to make every day a good one, use time in class to finish their assignment or talk to a friend and take it home as homework.  Often we are all quick to say it was someone else’s fault, but really it is the choices we make, that then lead to consequences.

So lets start off the year with positive choices and make it the best year ever! Our actions and attitude will help us make that happen.

Any questions or concerns, please feel free to call or email:

320-365-3693 #301