Welcome to March, hopefully bringing some warmer weather and sun!

Earlier this week, a letter came home with the youngest in the family regarding information about intruder procedures and some changes being made here at St. Mary’s.  Staff had a very educational visit with law enforcement in the fall and we are now in the works are reviewing and practicing some new approaches to potential intruders here at our school.

It is better to be prepared and research shows that practice is the best way to learn and know how we will respond in such a emotional and stressful situation.  This month, each grade will be discussing intruders and ways we can respond along with practicing some different strategies in each individual classroom.  Like we do for fire and tornado drills, we hope to also practice intruder situations also one it is safe to let the students outside with no coat or boots.

Please look for a second parent letter coming home soon giving details about our parent meeting night to give you the opportunity to learn and be aware of procedures in order to support your student(s).  Our local law enforcement have had a couple officers attend the specific ALICE training and they will be the ones sharing information and answering questions.

Any questions or concerns, please feel free to call or email.

320-365-3693 #301