Welcome to 2018-2019 school year!  My name is Mrs. Leslie Henslin. The kids call me Ms. Leslie!

This will be my third year at St. Mary’s.  I will be wearing many ‘hats’ again this year to help out our students.  I am primarily paraprofessional for any students or grade needed.  This may be working individually with a student or being available in the classroom for core classes like reading and math.   Part of my day will be wearing the hat of ‘counselor/social worker’.  I use these titles lightly as I think it is important to clarify that I am not licensed in these two degrees but I have plenty of experience and care to support our students on days when they are struggling, have topics that are bothering them, need a little break, or added time on school work.  The kids will also see me at recess and in the lunch room checking them in. The great thing about having many ‘jobs’ is that I have opportunity to interact with ALL students during the entire day and become a familiar and friendly face.  You may also hear from your child that I was their substitute teacher!  I have my certificate for substitute teaching and fill in when an outside sub is not available.

More about me-  I live in Bird Island with my husband, three children, and our dog, Daisy. My two boys are also students here at St. Mary’s.  My daughter will be attending a specialized full time autism program in Willmar.  I graduated with an undergraduate degree in Psychology and Sociology from Minnesota State University, Mankato (MSU).  I then earned my Masters degree in Community Counseling from MSU.  I interned one year with a LICSW gaining experience in the private practice counseling setting.  After graduating, I worked 9 years as a Children’s Mental Health Case Manager for McLeod County Social Services. I gained many skills in working with a variety of parents and children in many walks of life.

My role will to be support and guide students through hurdles that are getting in the way of being the best students they can.  If there are issues that arise and concerns for students, I will be reaching out to parents to assist and encourage added support through community resources.  Please feel free to contact me if you would like me to reach out to your child or if there are concerns that you would like me to be aware of.  I will also be presenting monthly topics to each class that are relevant to mental health, social skills, self-esteem/confidence, etc. related school topics. Visit the link below to read up on the months topic.

Visit my pages Student Resource News!


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